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Caritas Christi is an international secular institute approved by the Church. Those who are called to this way continue to live a normal lay life  which becomes, with the Donation ceremony, wholly given in celibacy to God, in and for the Church and to the love and service of others. We commit ourselves to try to observe the evangelical counsels of poverty and obedience according to our individual circumstances. Our life in the Church and with God is both contemplative and apostolic. We welcome single women and widows who feel God could be calling them to this life. We remain in our homes and work, living the gospel in the ordinary circumstances of life.








August 4 1937 -  The first 10 members made their offering to the Heart of Jesus and asked God to raise up all over the world laywomen who would totally dedicate their lives for the rule of the love of Jesus in the world and through the Church.

June 16 1939 - The First Donations (Dedications) in the presence of the Bishop of Marseilles.

Pentecost 1944 - Approval of the Constitutions of Caritas Christi Union.

December 6 1950 - Approval of Caritas Christi Union as a Secular Institute of diocesan right.

March 19th 1955 - Caritas Christi Union becomes a Secular Institute of Pontifical right by decree of the Sacred Congregation for Religious.

March 19th 1979 - The Sacred Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes approves the renewed constitutions of Caritas Christi. 

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