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PrayerBack in the 60’s it was said that Pope John XXIII threw open the windows of the Vatican in order to allow the Holy Spirit to move more freely through the Church. For some of the laity for the first time it felt as if it was ‘our Church’. The Church as ‘The body of Christ’ and the meaning of the words, ‘The priesthood of the people’ became a powerful reality and joy to me after reading the relevant documents. Then I discovered Secular Institutes and found that my years of searching for how I could live the way I believed God had been calling me was near at hand.

Vatican II Council describes this relatively new vocation in this way: “Secular Institutes although not religious institutes, do at the same time involve true and full profession of the evangelical councils in the world and are recognized by the Church. This profession confers a consecration on people living in the world, lay men and women and clerics.”

Secular institutes are one answer to the needs of to-day’s Church. They offer to Catholic laity a vocation in which they may strive for total dedication to God, to Christ, with the Holy Spirit, and to His Church through their normal daily lives. The distinguishing beauty of the vocation is that although members usually live alone, they work  together in spreading God’s kingdom in the world.
After enquiring about several of the secular institutes, (What did they have to offer? What could I offer through them?) I made my decision and began the period of preparation.

Are you hungry for a deeper understanding and expression of your Catholic faith? Taste and see the goodness of God through Caritas Christi. Its members are continually striving for holiness and to live their lives based on gospel spirituality. They are part of the fastest growing vocation in the Church. As members of an international secular institute for single laywomen and widows, they consecrate their lives wholly to God without leaving their home, work or parish. The members of Caritas Christi have found a way to live a contemplative-apostolic life approved and endorsed by the Church. By striving to change the world from within by example, in sharing with and in service to others, they help ensure that the Church has an effective presence in society.

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